We ARE the grower - you'll not find fresher flowers than buying direct from the grower!
   Our peony season is dependent on the weather and Mother Nature.  Our peonies are usually available in the month of May.  We sell our peonies in 10 stem bunches, the stem length is approximately 18", and we only cut and ship our largest flowers. 

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                  $4.50 PER STEM
This fiery red single is one of our longest lasting flowers!  It has fern-like leaves and the flower is approximately 6-8" across.                  $4.00 PER STEM
Also known as Hot Pink.  Our most fragrant flower!  Flower size is 5-6" across.                 $4.00 PER STEM 
A very large full double white with crimson flecks in the center petals.  Most fragrant of the whites.                  $4.00 PER STEM 
Cameo Pink flower with very sturdy stems, a true full double bomb.  Blooms 5-6" across.  One of our best cut flowers.                  $4.00 PER STEM
A true deep red full double.  Flower size is approximately 4.5-5".  The intense red color is brilliant in sunlight, but does not show well under fluorescent light                $4.00 PER STEM
Dark pink guard petals with a creamy pink center.  Beautiful in bud form.  Flower size is approximately 4.5-5.5".                     $4.50 PER STEM 
A rasberry blushed center with very large outer petals that are frosty white. These are very large flowers - opening 6-7" across.  Our favorite!                 $6.00 PER STEM
A highly unusual half pink, half white flower and sometimes 1/4 white and 3/4 pink!   Because of this unusual flower we have a very limited  supply.                     $4.00 PER STEM
A full white double with a hint of yellow in the center.  The flower size is approximately 4.5-5.5".                   $4.50 PER STEM
A full double bomb, this Red peony is more deep fuschia than red.  Very large blooms - 5-6.5" across.               $4.50 PER STEM
Large bowl shaped white has very large outer petals with dense inner petals of golden cream.  This is one of our largest whites with blooms of 5.5-6.5" across.              $4.50 PER STEM
A very large White full double with yellow tints and blush pink highlights.  The crimson tipped center adds sparkle to this flower!

             $4.00 PER STEM           
REINE HORTENSE - Light pink petals with very attractive red candy cane striping on the petals.  This is one of our largest blooms - 6-8" across with very sturdy stems.
TO ORDER:  Call (970)-434-1264
We have a 10 stem minimum order.  Our peonies are generally shipped express mail  through the US Post Office.  If express mail does not overnight in your area, we can use FedEx or UPS.  Please ask about your shipping costs because you will be billed for this cost as part of your purchase price.
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