Peonies for Wholesale
   We offer large quantity orders of fresh cut peonies on a wholesale basis - our peonies are packaged in 20 bunches of 10 stems each per box.  Please call for pricing and availability and shipping questions at (970)434-1264.  (Minimum order 6,000 stems)  

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Double - Our most prolific and fragrant peony, also called "hot pink" with very sturdy stems.
Double - A beautiful white fragrant peony with crimson flecks in the center petals on very sturdy stems.
Double - Cameo pink full double "bomb" peony and fragrant.  One of our best cut flowers.
Double -  A true deep red - very intense red in natural light but does not show well under fluorescent lights.
Double - Beautiful in bud form, but when fully opened has dark pink guard petals and a creamy pink center.
Double - A raspberry blushed center with very large outer petals which are frosty white.  Very sturdy stems and large diameter bloom.
Double - Very attractive red candy cane striping on very light pink petals with very sturdy stems and a large diameter bloom.
Double - A large bowl shaped white that has very large outer petals with dense inner petals of golden cream.  Very large diameter bloom.
Double - A red peony that is more deep fuschia than red.  It is a full double "bomb" type.
Double - Very large white full double with yellow tints and blush pink highlights.  The crimson tipped center petals add sparkle to this flower.
Double - A full white double with a hint of yellow in its center.
Single -  This fiery red single is one of our longest lasting flowers with fern like leaves.